‘Chicago PD’ 2×14 Recap – Lindsey sees that her relationship with her mom may never be saved

chicago pd 2_14_1

In the last episode, it will be a Chicago Fire/Chicago PD crossover as the unit helps try and find the person responsible for killing one of their own.

In this week’s episode, titled “Erin’s Mom”, there is an armed robbery that Lindsey’s mother may be a part of.

Lindsey wants to believe the lead that Bunny is setting them up with. Of course Voight doesn’t want to believe it, and for good reason. Halstead/Lindsey check out the lead and find that it might hold water as they catch a robbery in process.

Lindsey/Halstead help the woman hostage, Sarah, but her family was taken hostage by the group.

The unit brings in Gina, a woman in another department, who has been falling the group. She catches them up but they quickly see that this is going to be a race to the end. She also uses this time to ‘catch up’ with Dawson.

chicago pd 2_14_2
They find Sarah’s husbands truck, but it might be at the bottom of a lake. The boy and father die but the suspect lives. Talk about fair.

Voight uses his own methods to get a name. Jared Meeko. Time to go pay Jared a little visit. But he’s ready for them. While they can detain him they find that he’s not the ring leader. Just another rung on the ladder.

Jared tells them that Bunny is in on it and Lindsey just breaks. That little sliver she was holding on to is now gone. Her relationship with her mother will never happen.

Jared doesn’t last long as he is able to escape. Let the Chicago PD to unite and try and find and bring him back. Dead or alive. Voight doesn’t have a preference.

Voight/Oslinsky pays a visit to the suspect from the bank. He tells them where Jared is heading to. A car and a faster escape route.

chicago pd 2_14_3

The unit is able to get there before Jared can leave. They chase him through the apartment building but in the end he is no match for the unit as they arrest him.

At the station, Voight looks forward to their one on one time but it gets taken away as Sarah shoots him dead. Payback for him killing her family. Though his death was quick and not like how her son and husband died.

Bunny is pissed she doesn’t get the money but Voight knows that there is more to the story. Apparently she decided to borrow money from a pimp and now he wants it back. Voight buys her debt but she has to stay away from Lindsey. Which she appreciates.

It’s safe to say that Lindsey and her mom won’t be able to get a relationship again. At least not a function or healthy one. Halstead and Lindsey’s relationship is continuing to heat up as we see that it’s more then just sex. That debate of whether or not to tell Voight will probably wage for the rest of the season but once Voight finds out, it won’t be too great for Halstead. Lindsey is like his daughter and he’s very protective of her.

In the next episode, Roman and Burgess get kidnapped and the rest of the unit look for them before they get killed.

What did you think of the show?

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  1. […] the last episode, there is an armed robbery that Lindsey’s mother may be a part […]

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